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Lakewood History

1321 Atlanta Hwy
Cumming, GA 30040

For twenty years, the old Historic Lakewood Antiques Market was one of the most beloved markets in the country.  Sprawling over a square mile at the old Southeastern Fair Grounds in Atlanta, the market consumed six gigantic buildings, courtyards, and grounds, turning the complex into an incredible treasure trove for the thousands who traveled there each month.

After the city of Atlanta purchased the lease, Lakewood moved to Cumming, Georgia, as Lakewood 400 Antiques Market.  Dealers and customers alike still miss their beloved Historic Lakewood, however, they have also come to love Lakewood 400. Lakewood 400 is the same market only on a smaller scale, with many of the same dealers having been with Lakewood for over 20 years, considering this their home away from home.

The former site of Historic Lakewood has been taken over by EUE Screen Gems.  To see the renovations Screen Gems has made, click here

Lakewood founder, Ed Spivia and his good friend burt reynolds
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